A one stop resource if you are an event producer in need of taking your live event to a virtual audience.

Inspired from our roots back when we produced live television programs, we have adapted whole heartily to bringing an energized entertainment feature into the business programs we have created from live events and conferences.  Realizing that virtual audiences are unique, we have developed program content and “run of show” formats that keep the action moving: shorter presentations; bringing the human interest into what normally would be sterile talking heads; adding in some celebrity shout outs; taking the action away from a locked off zoom shot into moving studio parts…all the while staying on point and on budget.  Our unique blend of marrying information with subtle surprises always engaging the audience has proven to actually increase viewers both live and on demand.  Our technical experts work with you in developing the best platform from which to host both live and on demand.

Creative. Production. Technical.  All neatly wrapped up in one.