A look back as we move forward…

We’re entering our 14th year as Brandbridge Ltd and after starting out in this business in 1981, I can actually reflect and say this is as a good a place to be than what I had imagined as a relative newbie who had no idea what or how I would be able to survive in an industry that was predominantly based in New York or LA.
So much has changed throughout the decades, technology and creative aesthetics and everything else in between, but the one constant that has and always should stay at the forefront of what we do is building lasting relationships with our clients.
While we move forward our hopes and wishes are to meet a new legion of people whom we can serve and partner and create
moments that linger, reflect and inspire. Looking back—from ice sculpting with a chain saw, to Koa canoes storming thru the crashing waves on Oahu to aerialists suspended 90′ in the air with nothing but satin ribbons holding them, to adventures in Hong Kong as the word “green environment” was first introduced to the quiet, unscripted magical moments that happen on a set to the rush of last minute show changes to missed trains, delayed flights, wrong turns using map quest long before apps gave us options on getting “there” to language barriers overcome throughout Europe to each and every moment that feels like threads that make up a warm and cozy sweater—-it’s all done to make something special of the mundane.
As we move forward, looking back fuels us towards what’s ahead. I hope we meet along the way.

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